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ARCA JHB (Rehab Johannesburg), a branch of Arca Durban, offers a new and innovative approach to treating alcohol and drug addiction in South Africa.

Have you been frustrated by repeated failures at recovery? Are you aware that there are proven anti-craving medications that can significantly improve treatment outcomes? At ARCA JHB (Johannesburg), our approach draws on a rich integration of clinical practice, theory and research, providing respectful and confidential personal support to address a wide range of addictions. We are different in that we treat addiction holistically from a medical and psycho-social perspective. We utilize proven non-addictive anti-craving medications from the U.S in our treatment so that you can better fight this disease. Our team of trained medical professionals and therapists will ensure that you are guided step by step through your recovery.

We understand what you are going through. Your life is spinning out of control. You are scared, and you are tired. But you are not alone. We have helped hundreds of people just like you get on the road to recovery. Give us a call today on 062 2770 911 or 011 656 0705 for a consultation. The only way to move forward is to take that first step…

ARCA JHB is fully licenced and registered with the Department of Social Development and Department of Health.


The licence covers in-patient Detoxification and in-patient care. Medical Aid covers ARCA JHB’s drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation. The medical treatment programs are affordable and can be designed to suit individual needs without comprising the quality of the program.

The ARCA JHB Medical Detox treatment is pain free, comfortable and eliminates cravings.

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ARCA was featured on Carte Blanche showing how effective the exclusive medical treatment is for two addicts. After watching ou advert above, you can see from the outcome that Assisted Recovery Centre Africa can help get your life back.

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ARCA JHB Testimonials

Referral Letter from David Biggs


Attended at ARCA Rehab from 2 March 2017-23 March 2017

It all began 16 yrs ago. I realised I needed help, but sometimes realising u need help is only the first step. My problem was addiction and low self-esteem. My range of substances can fill the drug alphabet from A-Z. I was broken and sick. My first rehab was for celebrities and rock stars, I learnt many new ways of doing the bad things worse.

I found Heroin in 2010, after the loss of my child I turned to it as a pain killer, it caught me in its fake sense of comfort and invulnerability and took away the pain…temporary, it doesn’t heal, it delays it and only while u continually kill yourself does it make u believe u must have it and I could not imagine a day or hour without it. I was a mess. I never believed I could be the man I am today.

I never chose ARCA, ARCA was chosen for me, I currently live in Swaziland, where communities care and the church found me, desperate and alone. They decided that I needed something serious to get me out of the grips of addiction so I could begin to heal. They researched and off I was sent, bags packed and off to Durban. Of course like most addicts I delayed the process as much as possible, but I knew it was life or death.

I wanted life, and ARCA gave me that life back. A few highlights of my stay. Firstly the Big Chief himself, Dr Naidoo, I’ve never experienced a Doctor who would check up and pay as much personal care and motivation, he really does take time to individually assess the needs of each individual, he really somehow through the first few days detox and the transition to ARCA’s Medical detox treatment, induced minimal pain and discomfort to my withdrawal, heroin withdrawal can be hell, is hell, but I really do believe that ARCA, and Dr Naidoo, have what it takes to get even the most resilient addict through the worst of it.


Review Of Our Life Story


Our life story starts with my daughter who has been addicted for some time.

She went to one Rehab where she did not get good treatment if at all.
Then last year she became an outpatient at Arca and got a detox. We found Arca to be a very caring and professional place.The staff and therapists are hardworking, the groups for the family of the victims I find that idea excellent. Topics discussed are both challenging and educative even for one’s own life.
My daughter at least understands her problem, and we know how to support her and therapists are easily accessible She is on her way to recovering soon.
Arca is a one of the best Rehabs around I can attest to that…A very satisfied parent

Drug Test Kits

Drug testing kits can now be purchased from ARCA JHB offices to ensure your peace of mind. Drug testing can also be done at ARCA JHB offices by our professional staff to ensure the reliability and validity of the test results.